Hobby Auto Restoration: Citroen DS 1973

A few years ago, I started to restore a 1973 Citroen DS. I started with a rusty, dented 73 body, bought out of a garage with a running motor. From there, I started to replaced the original parts. If you are unfamiliar with this ear of DS, 1972-75 are almost identical. Other than the front and rear, the rest of the body did not change much from those three years to the 1975 either. I would like to be clear that this car is not fully restored yet - work is in progress. As my first project with body restoration, I developed some useful methods to stay in control of the works: One thing was the programming of an online parts database.


The project taught me there are endless ways to approach classic car body restoration. I will detail the processes used on this 1973 DS in a blog (sorry, only german):